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Berol Koloron Painting Tabard




YOU decorate them, and then, YOU wear them!
Pack of 10 Tarbard

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Berol Koloron Tarbard Painting Apron
For Childrens Craft Activities

Koloron painting apron for childrens crafts activities.
Pack of 10 Tarbard
The best in kids arts & crafts
Will keep the kids busy for hours

You decorate them and then you wear them!

Koloron Art material is supplied to schools, teachers, artists and students. It is the only fabric designed to be painted on and can be made up into clothes costumes and scenery for the stage. Koloron has a surface ideal for painting, drawing and affixing things to so it's for great for kids and dressing-up.

Koloron is unique in fabrics because it doesn't fray when cut and it can be glued together as well as stitched making it useful for textile and fashion work. Koloron Art Fabric has featured in a number of catwalk shows during London Fashion Week.

Koloron is a new Art material use it to enhance creativity and enable imagination. It works in hundreds of amazing ways. Go on and Create.

Painting: Almost any paint will work well on Koloron. Application by brush spray or sponge will give good coverage without bleeding through. When using water-based paint ensure a little PVA is added in order that the paint remains flexible when dry. Try different effects like sprinkling glitter onto the wet surface to dry with the paint.

Cutting: Koloron cuts easily with scissors. The fabric won't fray so needs no hemming. Cutting can be very creative, feathering, and decorative cuts can produce effective edges. Koloron strips can be crocheted and woven too.

Heating: The selective use of heat to melt and mould Koloron can be remarkably effective.

Markers: Felt tipped markers are a quick and easy way of working especially useful if working in a tight space or if a clean activity is required.

Stitching: Koloron can be sewn by hand or machine. It can be gathered with a simple running stitch or pleated. Folding and heating with a low heat iron will set the fabric.

Metallic: Gel pens and Brush pens are good for drawing details around large painted areas

Glue: PVA is ideal for most projects from models to costume making. Once dry the join becomes strong and permanent. Glue can be an alternative to sewing and is good for decorative effects. Try sprinkling coloured sand into wet glue lines.

Wiring: The basics of 3D work with Koloron is to use wire. Outline shapes built from a heavy gauge wire can be covered with Koloron and then decorated. Lampshades to ten man dragons have all been created using wire. Try cutting two large leaf shapes applying glue and trapping a wire through the centre. When dry the leaf can be painted and bent into shape.

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Berol Koloron Painting Tabard

Berol Koloron Painting Tabard

YOU decorate them, and then, YOU wear them!
Pack of 10 Tarbard

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